After many years in the steet, four different families experiencing homelessness, stand to have a basic shelter. A joint effort-SWSL, leading by the Chairlady of some cross section of people experiencing homelessness in#Freetown.
The priority are persons with disabilities as the Chairlady herself is a PWD.

A Single mental house (Pan-Body), on construction through donations. Special thanks to Marnel Breure. She heavily supported this project from concept to reality with some financial help too.

When you get to know the reality of the situation people experiencing homelessness encounter, you will take action to end homelessness.

SWSL, this year,our goal is more to support people to get shelter to avoid homelessness. Life is much better and dignified with a shelter. At a time like this: more people fall severely ill or face premature death to the hash whether -because of their homelessness.

Such a promising solution to support people experiencing homelessness with shelter is all through donations. Your donation can help some family members and individuals to avoid sleeping in the street, get a home.

This is what it looks to become homeless in Freetown. Sleeping on the empty streets without a roof over or sleeping in shops corridors or markets.

Together, we can. One family or individual at a time. No amount too small to support. we urgently need $1500 to support our current shelter project for few families and individuals they are in a critical situation.
To support, donate through our partner organization Lift a Village PayPal link: