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Social Workers Sierra Leone

Promoting Resilience and Responsible Self-Determination


Social Workers Sierra Leone (SWSL) is a private membership-based, non-political, non-religious and not-for-profit organization, which was established in 2012, in order to support the professional development of social workers in Sierra Leone. We are also involved in enhancing the quality of life of the people in Sierra Leone with a focus on vulnerable people and communities.

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Who We Are

Social Workers Sierra Leone (SWSL) is a social work hub born out of the desire to promote and influence social work’s mission, values, ethical principles, and standards through training, field work and supervision.

Help Out

Social Workers Sierra Leone (SWSL) relies on the generosity of donations from the public to help us achieve our goals of building a safer and more equitable society within Sierra Leone. Through our work and the dedication of the social workers on the ground, we are making Sierra Leone a safer place for children, women and families.

What We Do

To nurture and develop every Social Worker and also to strive to improve the lives of our community members.

Welcome To Social Workers Sierra Leone (SWSL)

We strive to actualise the mission and values of the social work profession in order to promote dignity and meaningful lives to the people of Sierra Leone.

Our Mission: To nurture and develop every Social Worker and also to strive to improve the lives of our community members..

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Our Social Work

While social work is a relatively new field within Sierra Leone, we are already inspired by some of the great work that is being conducted from our social workers to improve the lives of people within Sierra Leone. From Entertaining and offering a diverse range of professional skills and techniques that empower clients to resolve issues affecting their lives to Collaborating with local agencies to address welfare issues and social betterment.

Have A Question?

As a social work hub, Social Workers Sierra Leone (SWSL) strives to deliver the best support to the residents of Sierra Leone. Understandably people often want to learn about our work and what they can do to get involved! Take a look through our list of frequently asked questions to see if we can provide the answers you are looking for.


Fighting COVID-19 with Information

Covid-19 is still causing real damage to the health and well being of the residents of Sierra Leone. Sometimes simple advice and guidance can be the difference between protecting or spreading the disease. Social Workers Sierra Leone have been working tirelessly to inform the public of the risks of this illness and what can be done to keep themselves and their families safe. SWSL teaches World Health Organisation recognised guidance and procedures.

Homelessness Services

SWSL runs a comprehensive homelessness service ensuring volunteers are out on the streets ready to assist anyone who is in need of our help and support.


Supporting and caring for the vulnerable children of Sierra Leone is one of the highest priorities of everyone who works for SWSL. 

Community Psychosocial Support

Education is a key aspect of social work as well as offering dedicated and tailored support SWSL also runs education and development classes, to help those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to this education. 

Fundraising (UK)

Want to get involved? You can join our amazingly dedicated team of fundraisers in the UK working to raise vital funds for the work carried out by our social workers within Sierra Leone.


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